Pre-Design:  We determine the scope of work and feasibility of a project by discussing needs, wants, functions, and budget. This phase consists of:

  • As-built measurements/ site visit
  • Drafting of existing conditions
  • Zoning and code research
  • Building permit requirement research
  • Coordination of owner-supplied data
  • Programming
  • Preliminary budgeting
  • Procurement of site survey/ soils testing if required
City of Denver Zoning Code

City of Denver Zoning Code

Schematic Design: Working off the existing conditions and zoning/ code research, we create several design concept options. These design concepts are typically presented as drafted floor plans, images and 3D models of key spaces. Based on the client feedback we refine the design in to one cohesive concept. 

Schematic SketchUp 3D Model of Kitchen

Schematic SketchUp 3D Model of Kitchen

Design Development: Building off the approved schematic design concept we begin selections and documentation of the scope of work including:

  • Preliminary architectural set
  • Start material selections
  • Start lighting selections
  • Select structural/ mechanical/ electrical/ civil engineer/ kitchen design/ expeditors as needed
  • Select any other consultants as required and preliminary coordination of building systems

At the end of this phase many clients choose to submit the completed design development documents to a contractor for preliminary bidding so the scope of work and current market conditions can be checked against the project budget.

Material Board

Material Board

Construction Documents: Building off the approved design development documents, the architectural set and specifications are completed. The consultant drawings are finished and final coordination is done with the architectural set. Any final lighting and material selections are completed at this time.

  • Complete architectural drawing set documenting full scope of work and details
  • Completed specifications (project manual) including all material selections, product selections and schedules
  • Completed coordination with consultant drawings
  • Finished consultant drawings
Sample Reflected Ceiling Plan

Sample Reflected Ceiling Plan

Bidding or Negotiations: Depending on client needs, these services may include:

  • Management of drawing set and information distribution
  • Analysis of alternates and substitutions
  • Answering of contractor questions
  • Issuing of addenda as needed
  • Bid evaluation
  • Construction contract review
  • If wanted we can also assist the client in contractor selection

Building Permitting: We submit the drawings and documents to the required city agencies as required for project scope and city jurisdiction. Depending on project location we may use the services of a local expeditor to submit and communicate with the city. When city corrections are ready, we revise and resubmit the required drawings for final approval so the building permit is ready to be pulled by awarded contractor.

Construction Administration: During construction we provide site observations to ensure the design is being executed per the drawings and specifications. Typical services include:

  • Answering contractor questions and RFIs (contractor requests for information)
  • Reviewing substitutions
  • Reviewing shop drawings
  • Issuing of sketches
  • Interpreting the drawings and specifications
  • Working out details as necessary
  • Reviewing contractor requests for payment, meeting minutes, scheduling and change orders

These services are provided over the phone, through email and during site visits. 

Completed Kitchen

Completed Kitchen


Residential: Kitchen Design, Furniture Plans, Custom Cabinetry Design, Custom Furniture Design, Window Treatment Selections, Decorative Lighting Selections, Color Selections, and Finish Selections.

For custom furniture and cabinetry we offer fabrication oversight.

Commercial/ Retail: Space and Fixture Plans, Custom Fixture Design, Custom Cabinetry Design, Decorative Lighting Selections, Signage Design, Color Selections, POS Design, Furniture Selections, Fixture Selections and Finish Selections.

For custom fixture design we offer management for prototype and fabrication oversight.

Custom Display Fixture for Michael Stars at Ponce City Market

Custom Display Fixture for Michael Stars at Ponce City Market